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Re: Installation Question

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Martin, Larry D wrote:
> I am now in the SSH session.  I have made it to "Configure Disks" and am
> not sure what the format of the address is.  I have two volumes 108E and
> 108F and I tried 0.0.108E but that failed.
> Any suggestions?

No idea. For me the available dasds have always been listed and I could 
just select them. AFAICT the last format should be correct. You may have 
to check that the devices really are available. I don't think I can help 
much with this.

Maybe this walktrough of an installation in the Hercules s390 emulator will 
help for reference:
> On the first menu on SSH I chose "Start Installation".  Should I have
> chosen to Start a Shell?

I assume you mean "Start menu", but that's correct. The shell is available 
mainly for troubleshooting. You can use it to enter commands manually, 
check the syslog, etc.

You should only have *one* menu SSH session open, but you can have multiple 
shell sessions if you want.


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