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RE: Installation Question

Martin, Larry D wrote:
> All goes well until the install asks which site I want to use.  I chose
> ftp.us.debian.org (and a couple of others) and I get "...site either not
> available or does not contain a valid release..."

The ftp.us.debian.org mirror works perfectly for me (using the same CD).

Sounds as if you don't have an internet connection because of incorrect 
networking setup. But that's hard to tell without knowing the actual 

Did you already switch to using an SSH session to complete the 
installation, or are you still using the text interface from the console?

If you're still on the console you can see them by choosing "Execute a 
shell" from the installer's main menu and typing 'cat /var/log/syslog'.
If you're using SSH, you can see the syslog by starting a second session 
and choosing the "Start shell" option and then use either cat or nano to 
view the syslog.

If you need help, please copy and paste the full syslog (if possible).

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