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Re: Minidisk support (was: Installation Question)

On 2009-12-14, Adam Thornton wrote:

> On 2009-12-14, Stephen Powell wrote: 
>> Well, it's definitely a bug.  But whether or not it affects a "significant"
>> number of users is another story.  This bug has been around since day 1 of
>> the driver.  And I'm apparently the first one to find it.  So claiming that
>> it affects a significant number of users would be a hard sell.
> Well, it bit me too, back when I was doing the diag250 driver for
> OpenSolaris, but I was too lazy to file a bug report on it, so, yeah, my bad.
> But two still isn't a lot, and I've changed jobs and don't work with s390x
> except for fun on Hercules these days.

OK, I stand corrected.  I'm not the first one to find it.  But apparently, I'm
the first one to report it.  Others must have worked around it by linking the
minidisks MW or by using another driver.  Or maybe they wrote their own patches.
But nobody reported it.  That's one down side of having the source code.  It's
sometimes easier to fix it yourself and not report it.  But then others don't
benefit from your work.  But since OpenSolaris is a competitor of Linux, I can
see why, if they were paying you, that they didn't want you to spend your time
filing Linux bug reports.

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