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Re: Trying To Get Started

Martin, Larry D wrote:
> I downloaded Debian 405 some time ago and that loads up to the point that
> it tries to continue the install from a mirror site.  At this point all I
> can get is "Server not there or kernel is unavailable".

There's a known issue for installing Etch. You'll need to add the following 
boot parameter in parmfile.debian to make downloading installer components 
and packages from a mirror work:

See also http://bugs.debian.org/536353.

Note that you will need installer images with kernel version 2.6.18-6-s390 
for the installation to succeed; if you use images that have an older 
kernel version the installation will fail at some point. 4.0.5 may well be 
too old, but I'm not sure.

The error you quote is not one I recognize. Please give exact error 
messages if you need additional help.

> So I tried to download 503 from the default site and the ftp starts and
> then just stops.  So I tried a different site (carroll.aset.psu.edu) and
> that site had 501 for download.

Do you mean the download of the installer images themselves fail, or the 
downloading of packages during the installation?

If you're using FTP from within some mainframe utility, then please make 
sure your transfer settings are correct for binary data. Download 
fairlures are most often caused by that (unfortunately I cannot tell you 
what the correct settings are). Maybe try downloading the images to a 
regular PC first.

The "generic" images available on the mirrors now for the 5.0.3 point 
release of Lenny [1] are known to work correctly. Note that not all 
mirrors support all architectures.
Most "country" mirrors (ftp.XX.debian.org) should be good. I have 
successfully installed Lenny 5.0.3 using the generic images and 

> I downloaded CD1 and loaded it - it very quickly gets a kernel failure
> and a Disabled Wait. 

That sounds as if the CD has an older version of the installer which did 
have a serious kernel bug. In general using a CD does not offer any real 
advantages over using the 'generic' images.



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