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Trying To Get Started

I am trying to install Linux in an LPAR on a Z9.  This is a County government so no money is available for z/VM.


I downloaded Debian 405 some time ago and that loads up to the point that it tries to continue the install from a mirror site.  At this point all I can get is “Server not there or kernel is unavailable”.


So I tried to download 503 from the default site and the ftp starts and then just stops.  So I tried a different site (carroll.aset.psu.edu) and that site had 501 for download.  I downloaded CD1 and loaded it – it very quickly gets a kernel failure and a Disabled Wait.


What site and what release should I use to burn a CD1 and then what site should I use to complete the installation?


Thanks,    ……….Larry


Larry D. Martin

Mainframe Systems Support

Office of Information Technology and Communications



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