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Re: Future of the s390 port

Quoting Petter Reinholdtsen (pere@hungry.com):

> I expect you will get this if you use HTTP to submit and any HTTP
> proxy specified using the HTTP_PROXY variable in
> /etc/popularity-contest.conf.  The only identity submitted would be
> the random ID generated by popcon to make sure the weekly resubmission
> of information replaces the last one.  Or one could use a SMTP
> remailer stripping headers, I guess.  But that seem to be more work
> than just using a HTTP proxy.

FWIW, I have personnally always considered this as way enough to
guarantee the level of "anonymization" mentioned by Russ.

Enough to have all "my" production Debian servers at ONERA
(www.onera.fr) to report by popcon through our HTTP proxy. ONERA is a
governmental research agency which activity is focused on both
Defense-oriented research and industry-related research in aeronautics
and space. You probably get the drill: we *are* concerned about
security and confidentiality and our servers do report to popcon.

I would of course be much more reluctant to do this for servers
located directly on the Internet but we have (sigh) no Debian servers
there. We create our own security holes by using Solaris

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