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Re: Future of the s390 port

Am 02.09.2009 20:03 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> [Martin Grimm]
>> We've currently running 240+ Linux guests on 2 IBM System z10 EC,
>> that's the newest hardware of this kind for those not so familiar
>> with this architecture. 236 of these are running Debian, mostly
>> etch, some still sarge and some lenny. Amongst these are
>> zelenka.debian.org and a build system for security updates.
> One simple way to help a bit which will make it more visible to the
> Debian community at large that the s390 port is used, is to install
> and activate popularity-contest on these machines and thus make sure
> 236 machines show up on <URL: http://popcon.debian.org/ > as running
> the s390 port. :)
> At the moment, only 8 machines are reporting to popularity-contest,
> which put s390 in line with hurd-i386, kfreebsd-amd64 and m68k as
> ports with very small user groups.  That number made me and probably
> others believe that very few are using the s390 port - at least until
> your email came along. :)
> Happy hacking,

I'm aware of popcon and as much as I'd appreciate it to see our systems
counted there this will not happen because these are mainly production
systems behind firewalls or in internal networks with no internet access
and I've generally a bad feeling when thinking of software that's
talking to outside systems when there is sensitive data on my server ;-)

So as long as there is no easy manual way to provide anonymized figures
without installing software on our production servers we can't deliver
such data :-( and yes, I know there are many reasons why a manual upload
form would be a bad idea regarding accuracy and actuality.


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