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Re: Lenny: Unable to mount initrd


> I've always installed Etch, and Lenny, and now Squeeze generic images
> without needing any such trickery... And I've never seen any other
> reports of anybody else doing that either.

I have ultra wide experience with System Z. My first access was about
30 days ago. :-)

> But IMO that's not really relevant. It seems to me that there must be
> something subtly wrong in your configuration of how D-I gets loaded which
> results in the failure to load the standard initramfs initrd.
> I think it's better value for money trying to track that down than
> worrying about file systems that should not be needed at that stage.
> In other words: I think you're trying to work around the symptoms instead
> of solving the cause.

I think you may be right about this. My goal is to install Debian on
the System Z. As the System Z is complete new thing to me, I try to
fix the problems in the domain I'm more confortable with that is

But isn't it just download files from
upload files to the CMS, and then type debian?

I'm curious about what am I doing wrong about the initrd and Debian etch. Ideas?

Thanks again!


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