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Re: Lenny: Unable to mount initrd

Peter Senna Tschudin wrote:
> My guess is that ext2, ext3 and cram fs are compiled as module for the
> Lenny installer kernel. If so, it will not work if initrd contains
> compressed ext image.

Correct, but possibly cramfs isn't selected at all anymore. Not sure.
> I know that the initrd images are build using cpio. The problem is
> that etch kernel for s390 is not able to mount initrd if it is built
> using cpio. I need to create a compressed file containing ext2
> filesystem in order to be able to install etch.

Eh? That's completely new to me. 
> This is the procedure I used:
> cd /tmp; wget
> cd /tmp; rm -rf initrd initrd.gz; dd if=/dev/zero of=initrd bs=10000000
> count=1; /sbin/mke2fs -F -m0 initrd; mount -t ext2 -o loop initrd /mnt
> cd /mnt; cat /tmp/initrd.debian |gzip -d | cpio -i
> cd /tmp; umount /mnt; gzip -9 initrd
> mv initrd.gz initrd.debian
> This is the only method I found to install Debian etch.

I've always installed Etch, and Lenny, and now Squeeze generic images 
without needing any such trickery... And I've never seen any other 
reports of anybody else doing that either.
> Why does Lenny install kernel does not say that it tried: ext2, ext3
> and cramfs as Etch install kernel does?

Either because the drivers for those file systems are not available, or 
because of changes in the upstream kernel code between .18 and .26...

But IMO that's not really relevant. It seems to me that there must be 
something subtly wrong in your configuration of how D-I gets loaded which 
results in the failure to load the standard initramfs initrd.
I think it's better value for money trying to track that down than 
worrying about file systems that should not be needed at that stage.

In other words: I think you're trying to work around the symptoms instead 
of solving the cause.


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