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Re: New to Linux

On Jan 5, 2009, at 10:51 AM, Martin, Larry D wrote:

I have downloaded the Debian 40r5 for S390 ISO and have burned it onto CD.
When I load the CD into the HMC (zSeries z9BC) and try to do the “Load from CD/DVD” operation I get:
"An error has occurred while trying to obtain a list of the software that can be loaded."    
I am not sure if this is an HMC or a Debian message.  It has a message number of ACT36201 but I cannot find a reference to that message.
Does anyone have an idea what I have done wrong?

Does Debian support booting from CD on s390?  It may well--I've just never tried it, since I don't have console access to a machine with an IPLlable HMC CD-ROM.

Are you running from VM or in an LPAR?  If under VM, get the card decks and boot from those.  If in an LPAR, you can make a tape and boot from it.  In any event, you stack the kernel, the parmline, and the ramdisk and IPL *that*.


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