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Re: s390-tools: lsdasd fails

Nelson Ducote wrote:
> Subject: s390-tools: lsdasd fails
> Package: s390-tools
> Version: 1.5.3-1
> Severity: normal

Looks like you intended to file this as a bug report, but your message was 
sent to d-s390@lists.d.o instead of submit@bugs.d.o, so the bug report 
was never registered as such.

Please do resend your message to the correct address with the information 
below included.

> lsdasd command fails with error:
>    awk: not an option: --posix

There are two variants of awk: mawk and gawk. The first is installed on 
all systems (priority required), the second is not (optional) but is 
preferred by the alternatives system (see 'man update-alternatives') if 
both are installed.

Looks like the --posix option is only supported by gawk.

So, a workaround would be to install gawk.

To actually fix the bug, either lsdasd will have to be changed to only use 
options understood by both variants of awk, or to depend on gawk.


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