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Re: Re: z/VM 5.3 SSL Server using Debian GNU/Linux

> To be fair, it wouldn't be that hard to build an SSL server that was
> Etch-based.
I didn't try etch, but I did try lenny, which at the time was using a
2.6.24 kernel, and vmsock wouldn't compile cleanly.

The officially supported distributions use a 2.6.5 kernel
for Suse and a 2.6.9 kernel for Redhat.  Debian sarge has an optional
2.6.8 kernel, which is right in the middle.  vmsock compiled fine with
Debian sarge using a 2.6.8 kernel.

> The black-box SSL packages that IBM ships are delivered as RPMs, and it was
> just a lot less effort to build on a version of CentOS that directly
> supported them than to mess around with it for 5.3.

Actually, for the 31-bit packages, alien worked just fine for converting
the rpm packages to deb packages.  The only trouble was the "postinst"
script for gsk7bas, which alien doesn't convert without the -c switch.
Also, Debian doesn't like "chown" commands which try to change the owner
of a file to ":sys", which is not a valid userid on a Debian system.  I
manually extracted the postinst script, edited it, and then executed it.

The 64-bit packages were another story.  Alien doesn't recognize many of
the formats.  I'll have to report that to the package maintainer for alien.
Also, with PTF UK40400 applied, the 64-bit packages appear to have been
compiled with a newer release of the c/c++ compiler than sarge's run-time
libraries support.

I do agree, though, that native deb packages would have been preferable.

> [z/VM 5.4.0] isn't actually available yet.

According to the announcement letter,
it's been available since September 12, 2008.
I ordered it myself online via ShopzSeries on October 29, 2008.
I haven't received the order yet though.  It's status in the system is
"Submitted", not "Shipped".


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