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Re: Debian installation media question.

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 14:38, Ted.Keesey@synoran.com wrote:
> I want to know if I can download Debian S/390, burn a CD and do most of
> the installation from the CD
> on the OS/2 system that supports the HMC?  I see from the site that
> "Support to ipl off an installation CD has been added back in the
> version of the installer that will be released with Etch".

Although with Etch you can boot off the CD, the installation is in fact no 
different from the other installation methods which means that most of 
the installation will be done over the network.
After setting up the network, you will be offered to continue the 
installation over an SSH connection. All installer components and 
packages are downloaded from mirrors.

If you burn a CD, you can however use that as a source to install 
additional packages after the reboot, although you may have to configure 
it manually.

See also this README file, which is included on the CD:


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