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Re: etch/s390 TODO

On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 08:52:09PM +0100, Bastian Blank wrote:
> s390 support in partman
> =======================
> There is some type of s390/dasd support available for parted, it just
> completely disables the check for the sector size, as parted hardcodes
> this in too many places and dasds don't follow this. Maybe this can be
> fixed in a proper way.
> partman needs to be fixed to use a correct block size for the devices
> (1024 byte blocks on a 4096 bytes sectors device just don't work).

I disabled the dasd patch in parted 1.6.23, because it didn't apply cleanly,
and there where some changes which made it non-trivial for me to fix it, i
asked you on irc to look at it, and think i also mailed here, but nothing
happened since then. Otavio has now taken a more active role than me in parted
maintenance, as has K.G., so it would be best to contact them about this

One issue with the DASD patch, is that it was from some guy who now seems MIA
or something, as i wrote him too about this, and it is a rather consequent
patch, and thus needs official FSF copyright assignement to be merged
upstream, which is really what we want to do.

Someone with DASD knowledge and hardware is probably best placed to look at


Sven Luther

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