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etch/s390 TODO

Hi folks

As s390 is currently not in a good shape, I tried to produce a list of
things which needs to be done for a possible etch release of this
architecture. Please provide some feedback.

Hardware configuration
In linux 2.6, the complete hardware configuration on s390 is done via
sysfs. This needs some program which reads the needed informations from
a config and puts them into sysfs.

There are two call modes:
 - via udev,
 - by an init script.

Via udev
udev gets events when the channels got available and can call our
program which sets up this one channel and the assigned driver.

There is one possible problem with that: udev paralizes the events,
which makes it impossible to predict the order of the devices.

Another problem: we can't enable the devices in config order, only in
channel number order. This can be fixed with a mix between both modes.

Both problems needs some discussion with udev upstream.

By an init script
The tool will just crawl through all available channels and configure
those, which have a config entry or it will crawl through the config
entries and configure any available channels.

Hardware configuration utility for d-i
There needs to be some changed in s390-dasd and s390-netdevice to read
the informations from sysfs and generate configs usable by the real
configuration tools.

One problem: We need to make sure that the order of the devices in the
installer is the same than in the installed system.

s390 support in partman
There is some type of s390/dasd support available for parted, it just
completely disables the check for the sector size, as parted hardcodes
this in too many places and dasds don't follow this. Maybe this can be
fixed in a proper way.

partman needs to be fixed to use a correct block size for the devices
(1024 byte blocks on a 4096 bytes sectors device just don't work).


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