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Re: Debian/S390 cd-based install image

Frans Pop declared on Wednesday 27 July 2005 11:37 am:
> On Tuesday 12 July 2005 23:52, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> > Please add a cd-based install image for S/390, as detailed in this
> > debian-s390 mailing list thread:
> >
> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-s390/2005/07/msg00024.html
> I think I've managed to create a "bootable" CD image. It is available
> for testing from [1]. Basically, I have revived the code that was
> already available in Woody.
> The primairy purpose of this image is to test if it boots. I may have
> made mistakes building it which could cause an installation to fail
> later on.
> [1] http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i/debian-testing-s390-netinst.iso

Now that I'm finally getting around to testing this on my real S/390 G5, 
the file has disappeared, and I can't find it anywhere. :/

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