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RE: Debian/S390 cd-based install image

> I would still be very interested to know if it's possible to 
> boot this CD 
> image in the hercules emulator :-)
> [1] http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i/debian-testing-s390-netinst.iso

I'll give it a try later tonight (my time).. That's in approximatelly 3 or 4
hours from now..



PS : Rick Troth (on the marist linux-390 ml) did suggest it was possible
(tried) to make a CD bootable by making it visible as an FBA device (3370,
9336, etc..).. This of course would only apply to a few machines (MP3K
(possibly), P/390(definitelly) & Herc(definitelly)).. Also by making it
visible as an FBA device, besides from making it bootable, it makes it
mountable directly as a ISO9660 FS (although *switching* CDs would be a
problem).. Is this what you had in mind ? (but it would probably have no
benefit for any of the more modern z/8xx,z/9xx or z/9 machines)..

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