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Debian/S390 cd-based install image

On Tuesday 12 July 2005 23:52, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> Please add a cd-based install image for S/390, as detailed in this
> debian-s390 mailing list thread:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-s390/2005/07/msg00024.html

I think I've managed to create a "bootable" CD image. It is available for 
testing from [1]. Basically, I have revived the code that was already 
available in Woody.
The primairy purpose of this image is to test if it boots. I may have made 
mistakes building it which could cause an installation to fail later on.

Some remarks
Although it should now be possible to boot the installation off the CD, 
the installation method is still basically network based as there is no 
option to mount the CD and load installer components off it.
It should be possible to create a real CD-based installation, but that 
would require some new d-i modules and a different initrd. I'm not sure 
if that is worth the trouble though.

There are 2 files in /boot that should be usable:
- d390.ins
- d390.tdf
The first file is identical to the one that RedHat uses.

There are 2 other files that are provided as example (d390oco.ins and 
d390oco.tdf). From the build scripts:
# The following is provided as an example. It will not work when the
# tape is emulated from the official Debian CD-ROM since the object-
# code-only-modules-ramdisk (oco.bin) is not included in the CD-ROM.

Some questions
There is also a "tape nolabel" kernel included on the CD, but that is not 
referenced anywhere. Is that kernel useful at all?

I would still be very interested to know if it's possible to boot this CD 
image in the hercules emulator :-)

[1] http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i/debian-testing-s390-netinst.iso

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