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Re: Installing Debian S/390 on Hercules problems.

Patrick Finnegan declared on Sunday 21 November 2004 12:28 pm:
> Ok, I'm doing that, using the sarge installer images on the debian ftp
> site.  However, the installer is getting stuck at installing the
> kernel; it's trying to install the s390x (zSeries) kernel and failing
> the depmod, instead of installing the s390 one.  Does your installer
> image fix this problem?  I have a vague recollection of it being
> mentioned on this mailing list, but can't find the reference yet.  I
> just want to find out, before I embark on the (long) process of
> restarting the install again.

Using the copy of the installer on your website seems to not work 100% 
either... it insists on formatting my first DASD (0120), and when that 
is done, asks me to format the DASD again.  Saying "No" or "Go Back" in 
response to the dialog doesn't send me anywhere else, it just keeps 
asking me if I want to format the DASD.

Any ideas?

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