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Can you expand the boot ramdisk filesystem?

Where can I find the installation report for DEBIAN S390 and where can I
get the qeth/qdio modules ?


I am a Linux novice.
I found an installation report for DEBIAN S390 and am trying to duplicate
the process.
Basically you get the ram-disk, mount it, insert the oco qeth/qdio modules,
and recompress it.
I got the Debian install root mounted, but get an out-of-space error
when trying to put the oco modules in.
?root@CPU3 netâ# df
Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/dasda1            2366248    971656   1274392  43% /
/tmp/root                  3360             3360         0            100%
?root@CPU3 netâ#

So, is there any way to expand (give it more blocks)
 the uncompressed filesystem?

Just to give you an idea of where I am with this, I installed
the Marist system and upgraded it to 2.2.16 to get this far.
I am running them in LPARs (not VM). I have escon ctc,
and OSA QDIO connections. I am trying to get a QDIO
connection to the DEBIAN install at this point.
(I am also trying to get the FTP (guest works fine) server
on the Marist system to work, which would also allow
the Debian install to proceed).


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