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Re: How to boot a kernel?

> The problem is that the SE doesn't have that button, just a 'Load from
> diskette' button.

First of all upgrade the support element and HMC to the latest software
version possible for a 9672-RC4 (we are running i think at 8.something for
z800).  Maybe this takes care of your problem to load from CD.

I'm not sure however if these upgrades are available via the IBM site. If
not, IBM keeps their CD's under lock and key at our site but i'll see what I
can do for you if they're not available freely.

Rather a shot in the dark here, but maybe it is also possible to create a
linux boot diskette for s/390 using the procedure described for an ipl tape?
If so, pls let me know because that would be a rather interesting feature
which should be documented.

Kind regards,

Michiel Bello,

DoD the Netherlands

"Patrick Finnegan" <pat@computer-refuge.org> schreef in bericht
> On Tuesday 13 January 2004 11:49, you wrote:
> > I didn't see any replies to your question.
> > (But I have some filtering in place.  Sorry if I missed anything.)
> That's because no one replies to the mailing list...
> > > Sorry, but I'm trying to learn and am beginning to realize I really
> > > nothing about these beasts.
> >
> > Sounds like you have a physical S/390 since you mention the SE laptop.
> > There is a way for some S/390 systems to present files on CD
> > as if they were files on tape.   This is clearly true for
> > P/390, Multiprise, and IS class machines.   Dunno about yours.
> >
> > What kind of S/390 do you have?
> > What OS is it running right now?
> I've got a 9672-RC4.  The SE currently doesn't have a CDROM, but I'm
> one to put in it so that I can try to boot from it.  Of course, I still
> the issue that the app on the SE has a 'boot from [floppy] diskette'
> of a 'boot from Server or CD-ROM' option... I'm hoping I can dig around in
> the OS/2 directory structure to tell it that the diskette is actually the
> CD-ROM I'm getting for it.
> As I thought I said in the email, it has *no* OS.  I got it without any
> or other storage systems, I was just glad that the software on the SE and
> was still there.
> At the moment, I don't have any DASD, and am hoping to just get some sort
> kernel to boot and run with an NFS root or something to check out the
> hardware until I can get some DASD to put on it.  At this point, the S/390
> somewhat jerry-rigged into running, in a space that was never designed for
> mainframe. : )
> Pat
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