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Re: How to boot a kernel?

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 11:49, you wrote:
> I didn't see any replies to your question.
> (But I have some filtering in place.  Sorry if I missed anything.)

That's because no one replies to the mailing list...

> > Sorry, but I'm trying to learn and am beginning to realize I really know
> > nothing about these beasts.
> Sounds like you have a physical S/390 since you mention the SE laptop.
> There is a way for some S/390 systems to present files on CD
> as if they were files on tape.   This is clearly true for
> P/390, Multiprise, and IS class machines.   Dunno about yours.
> What kind of S/390 do you have?
> What OS is it running right now?

I've got a 9672-RC4.  The SE currently doesn't have a CDROM, but I'm getting 
one to put in it so that I can try to boot from it.  Of course, I still have 
the issue that the app on the SE has a 'boot from [floppy] diskette' instead 
of a 'boot from Server or CD-ROM' option... I'm hoping I can dig around in 
the OS/2 directory structure to tell it that the diskette is actually the 
CD-ROM I'm getting for it.

As I thought I said in the email, it has *no* OS.  I got it without any DASD 
or other storage systems, I was just glad that the software on the SE and HMC 
was still there.

At the moment, I don't have any DASD, and am hoping to just get some sort of 
kernel to boot and run with an NFS root or something to check out the 
hardware until I can get some DASD to put on it.  At this point, the S/390 is 
somewhat jerry-rigged into running, in a space that was never designed for a 
mainframe. : )

Purdue University ITAP/RCS
Information Technology at Purdue
Research Computing and Storage

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