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Re: [URMM@VM.MARIST.EDU: Guess what is coming??????]

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

There doesn't seem to be any Debian representation in the talks at SHARE...I

I gave a talk about Debian/390 at a GSE (GUIDE SHARE Europe) meeting last year, but the visitors seemed more interested in commercial distributions that are promoted and supported by IBM. :-(

At least GSE is a bit influenced by IBM (over 50% of the talks are normally given by IBM speakers) and you probably know as well as I do that IBM does not like Debian/390 very much. You will also find some talks about Flex-ES at these meetings but none about Hercules although everybody knows that Hercules is free and much better.

Debian is not a company and does not have a contract with IBM, I guess that explains it all.


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