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[URMM@VM.MARIST.EDU: Guess what is coming??????]

There doesn't seem to be any Debian representation in the talks at SHARE...I
don't think that I will be able to go, but perhaps someone else can...

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Date:         Wed, 7 Jan 2004 14:35:44 EST
From: Martha McConaghy <URMM@VM.MARIST.EDU>
Subject: Guess what is coming??????

No, it's not the flu......actually that is already here...sigh

No, this isn't your usual spam offering part of the action for laundering
money from Nigeria.  Nor will reading this note enhance any appendages or
ensure your popularity with the gender of your choice.  Sorry, no, it's just

Request for session chair people!!!!!!

EEEEEEEECCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!  I can hear the screaming and groaning now.  Yes,
it's the bi-annual torture better known as the call for session chair people
at the upcoming SHARE conference.  So, before you hit the delete button,
remember, it will go easier on you if you give in now and not make me twist
your arm....%-)  (Jim and Marty gave me this job because I like to twist
arms...%-) )

The upcoming SHARE conference is February 23-27 in sunny (and warm) Long
Beach, CA.  As usual, the Linux and VM Program need volunteers to chair
the numerous presentations being given that week.  The chair job is easy.
All you need to do is:

- Introduce speaker
- Assist speaker handing out papers, etc.
- Make sure speaker ends on time
- Make sure attendees fill out those darned cards and collect them

In return, you get a good seat at the session (not bad since many are often
SRO) and the chance to participate at SHARE without committing a major amount
of time or effort.  The ultimate benefit, of course, is that I won't bug
you about chairing until at least June.

Please note, this is only open to people who are registered to attend SHARE.
Vendors attending on exhibitor badges and non-registrants are not eligible
to attend sessions.  Sorry, being a session chair doesn't get you in free.

At the end of this note is the list of sessions currently needing a session
chairperson. If you would like to chair one or more, please drop me a note
(privately, off list) and I'll take care of the rest.  Don't delay.....the
good ones go fast!

Martha McConaghy - Chief Arm Twister and Sushi Taste Tester

Day   Time  Session Title
Mon  09:30a   9100  z/VM Platform Update
Mon  09:30a   9102  z/VM Show and Tell
Mon  09:30a   9312  Linux Certifications: What are They? What is the Process?
Mon  01:30p   9241  Understanding Linux Memory Management
Mon  01:30p   9252  Flex-ES: A Bottom Up View of High Tech Mainframe Options
Mon  01:30p   9255  Linux Debugging at the System Level
Mon  03:00p   9111  The Latest and Greatest on z/VM's Control Program
Mon  03:00p   9200  IBM Linux Strategy: Linux in General and Linux on zSeries
Mon  03:00p   9260  An Introduction to the Domain Name System
Mon  04:30p   9103  z/VM TCP/IP Update
Mon  04:30p   9133  Configuring, Customizing and Modifying Your VM System
                    Without an IPL
Mon  04:30p   9207  Directory Serving Solutions using OpenLDAP
Mon  06:00p   9302  Linux in an LPAR - Here's How It's Done

Tue  08:00a   9115  VM Performance 101
Tue  08:00a   9140  The Evolution of IBM Mainframes and VM
Tue  09:30a   9112  Getting Started with z/VM TCP/IP
Tue  09:30a   9126  z/VM System Performance Tool Review
Tue  09:30a   9209  Oracle Database 10g on Linux for IBM's zSeries and
                    Oracle in a grid computing environment
Tue  11:00a   9113  Under the Covers: The VM Control Program (CP) - Part 1 of 2
Tue  11:00a   9237  VM and Linux Performance Issues
Tue  01:30p   9114  Under the Covers: The VM Control Program (CP) - Part 2 of 2
Tue  01:30p   9136  Automated Operations on z/VM using PROP
Tue  01:30p   9204  The RedHat Linux Distribution
Tue  01:30p   9227  Linux for S/390 Installation Hands-On Lab - Part 1 of 3
Tue  01:30p   9239  Analyzing Linux Performance Data Running Under z/VM
Tue  03:00p   9101  SHARE Online Requirements System Discussion and Demo
Tue  03:00p   9206  File Serving Solutions Using Samba
Tue  03:00p   9214  Managing Multiple Linux Instances on VM
Tue  03:00p   9228  Linux for S/390 Installation Hands-On Lab - Part 2 of 3
Tue  04:30p   9110  Exploiting XEDIT - A Powerful z/VM Editor at Your
Tue  04:30p   9208  Print Serving Solutions Using Samba and CUPS
Tue  04:30p   9229  Linux for S/390 Installation Hands-On Lab - Part 3 of 3
Tue  04:30p   9238  Linux on z/VM Performance Measurement and Tuning
Tue  06:00p   9254  Application Debugging Techniques on Linux for zSeries

Wed  08:00a   9116  VM Networking Overview: RSCS and TCP/IP
Wed  08:00a   9251  Taking the Plunge from Windows/98 to Red Hat Linux 8.0
Wed  08:00a   9261  Configuring BIND
Wed  09:30a   9117  Introduction to VMSES/E for z/VM
Wed  09:30a   9219  Cloning Linux for S/390 Database Servers
Wed  09:30a   9220  Linux for S/390 - Backing up your Data
Wed  11:00a   9118  Maintaining z/VM by Using and Understanding VMSES/E
Wed  11:00a   9134  Dynamically Managing Hardware I/O Configuration Using VM
Wed  11:00a   9221  Linux for S/390 at L.L.Bean: A Case Study
Wed  01:30p   9119  z/VM Installation - What Are You Afraid of?
Wed  01:30p   9201  Open Source: The Business Case
Wed  01:30p   9205  Attack of the Linux Clones at Marist College
Wed  01:30p   9242  Linux 101 Hands-On Lab - Part 1 of 3
Wed  03:00p   9120  z/VM Installation - It's Installed, NOW What?
Wed  03:00p   9130  VM TCP/IP Routing - Part 1 of 2
Wed  03:00p   9222  The Linux Part of Disaster Recovery for Linux on z/VM
Wed  03:00p   9243  Linux 101 Hands-On Lab - Part 2 of 3
Wed  04:30p   9106  VM Performance Update
Wed  04:30p   9131  VM TCP/IP Routing - Part 2 of 2
Wed  04:30p   9224  Linux for S/390: System Management for the Mainframe
                    System Programmer - Part 1 of 2
Wed  04:30p   9244  Linux 101 Hands-On Lab - Part 3 of 3
Wed  06:00p   9226  What does zSeries have to do with Grid Computing?
Wed  06:00p   9256  Linux for zSeries Ease of Use and Information Strategy

Thu  08:00a   9132  z/VM TCP/IP Advanced Configuration
Thu  08:00a   9225  Linux for S/390: System Management for the Mainframe
                    System Programmer - Part 2 of 2
Thu  08:00a   9257  Linux for zSeries Journaling Filesystems
Thu  09:30a   9107  Introduction to VM Hands-On Lab - Part 1 of 2
Thu  09:30a   9135  VM Performance Internals - Why It Works That Way
Thu  09:30a   9210  Securing your Linux System for the Internet
Thu  09:30a   9233  Connecting to Linux for zSeries
Thu  11:00a   9108  Introduction to VM Hands-On Lab - Part 2 of 2
Thu  11:00a   9125  Virtual Networking with z/VM Guest LANs
Thu  11:00a   9215  Penguin Tapes - Native Backup/Restore and Tape Sharing
                    for Linux on zSeries
Thu  11:00a   9262  Linux Deployment in a S/390 World - A User's Experience
Thu  01:30p   9123  TRACK for z/VM - What's happening in your Virtual Machines?
Thu  01:30p   9137  FLEX-ES - The "other" Mainframe
Thu  01:30p   9217  Porting a Firewall to Linux on zSeries
Thu  01:30p   9230  Linux for S/390 Installation Hands-On Lab - Part 1 of 3
Thu  03:00p   9121  Performance Choices for Linux and Other VM Guests
Thu  03:00p   9129  z/VM Security and Integrity
Thu  03:00p   9213  SCSI Devices on Linux for zSeries - User Experiences
Thu  03:00p   9231  Linux for S/390 Installation Hands-On Lab - Part 2 of 3
Thu  04:30p   9127  The z/VM System Management API Server
Thu  04:30p   9128  Hardware Configuration Management for z/VM
Thu  04:30p   9232  Linux for S/390 Installation Hands-On Lab - Part 3 of 3
Thu  04:30p   9234  Building a RedHat Linux Firewall

Fri  08:00a   9109  Dozens of Things Someone Has Already Done for Your
                    VM System
Fri  08:00a   9212  Managing Linux Using "Hidden" Tools in z/VM
Fri  08:00a   9236  Linux on zSeries ABI and linkage format
Fri  08:00a   9245  Linux InstallFest Hands-On Lab - Part 1 of 3
Fri  09:30a   9122  Hidden Gems on VM: Great Tools You Never Knew You Had
Fri  09:30a   9218  Managing Linux Guests Using Current CA Mainframe Solutions
Fri  09:30a   9223  Jump-starting Solution Deployments on Linux for zSeries
Fri  09:30a   9246  Linux InstallFest Hands-On Lab- Part 2 of 3
Fri  11:00a   9247  Linux InstallFest Hands-On Lab - Part 3 of 3

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 - mdz

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