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Re: Newbie -- s390 kernel build fails at fs/partitions/ibm.c

Richard Hitt wrote:

I just got into debian-s390 last Friday after a couple of years doing kernel builds for various s390 distributions of RedHat, TurboLinux, and SuSE, and I'm trying to do a kernel build to correspond to the 2.4.17 kernel distributed with the debian 3.0 s390 distribution. I'm trying to make it as vanilla as possible, yet every time I do the image make, I get these error messages:

Did you apply the s390 patches to the vanilla source tree? Not using them is known to cause build failures. You can get these S/390-specific patches from IBM's developerWorks or the kernel-patch-2.4.*-s390 Debian packages.

However, the Debian S/390 patch packages are currently only available for kernel 2.4.17 and 2.4.19. The source code in the kernel-source-* Debian packages is basically Linus' source tree and does not include architecture-specific patches. So it probably won't build on anything but i386.


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