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SSH is very slow!

I am having trouble with my Debian install on our s390 with performance. It
seems slow. One particular thing that I have noticed is that SSH will take a
very long time to log in. I launch a putty session and it may take 15 to 20
seconds to get a log in prompt. When using straight telnet it is much
faster, probably 2 seconds. Also, I can watch top in one session while
logging into another. SSH will take up to 99% of the CPU. This is installed
on the IFL side. We have an old install of TurboLinux on the CP side of our
mainframe and it is much further restricted as far as resources goes but SSH
is much more responsive on that. Anyone have any ideas or similar
experience? Thanks!

Sam Warren, Jr. 

Computer Technician
Winnebago Industries
641-585-3535 ext. 7785


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