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Re: 64bit debian again

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On Wednesday 25 June 2003 14:07, Kasza Karoly wrote:
> Hi again.
> Thanks for replys.
> As I see now after your comments:
> 64bit debian (port s390x) was (is?) in plan,
> But it is currently suspended, because of
> (Lack of demand, lack of Hardware, lack of workforce,
> 64/32bit compatibility issues).
> I can run debian with a 64bit kernel and with 64bit libs
> and such, but i will not have 64bit deb packages.
> I can recompile anything i want in 64bit, old 31bit
> binaries will also work under the 64bit kernel.
> After all, this state is not that bad, but I would
> like to use a "true" 64bit debian. For this target,
> maybe our company can offer debian.org an ifl for
> development purposes or for a buildserver or such.
> Who should I contact with about this offer?
> Do you think is it a good idea?

Thanks for the offer, but at the moment it is not a problem
of missing hardware. What is holding us up currently
is actually:

- - Missing support for mixed 32/64 bit systems in dpkg.
  Gerhard has made patches for this, but we are still
  in discussion with the dpkg maintainers.
- - Lots of packages (practically all libraries, and some
  other packages) need to be changed to support that
  scheme once it is in the official dpkg.
- - Lack of space on the ftp mirrors. This has held up the
  previous attempt for creating a 64 bit s390x debian
  (without full support for 32 bit packages at the time).
  If you want to make a donation, this might be needed
  even more.

Note that these are not s390x specific problems, they are
more about generic support for new 64 bit architectures
(s390x, amd64, ppc64, ...).

	Arnd <><
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