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Re: zipl Questions

On Sun, May 18, 2003 at 03:19:45PM -0500, Karl Schlitt wrote:

> Be mindfull of the fact that sometime along the line the dasd api changed.
> I can't say that Debian has this issue, but i have had problems backing
> out a kernel upgrade with redhat. The problem i ran up against was the
> newer kernel did not like the old /sbin/zipl... a staticly linked zipl
> that you can wget from somewhere, from a installer ramdisk can be mighty
> handy;)
> If you are building from the same kernel sources, you should be ok. But if
> you are doing that, why not just build modules?  Maybe not as much fun,
> but alot safer.

It sounded as if he just wanted to add some devices to the kernel command
line so that they would be activated, not add modules to the kernel.  As
long as he is using the kernel from Debian woody and zipl from Debian woody,
there is no problem.

 - mdz

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