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dasd permission

I have loaded Amanda on our Debian 390 system and it backs up great. The
only problem I have is with permissions. I chown the /dev/dasd/0151/partx
device to root:backup, chmod 640 and it works fine. However, every time I do
a shutdown and restart, the owner is back to root:root and the mode is 600.

Can somebody tell me if this is being done through a startup script? If so,
I haven't found it yet. On Woody for i386 the devices are owned by root:disk
out of the box, and I don't have the same problem. It wouldn't be hard to
create a script to change the perms on startup, I just like to how they are
being changed in the first place. If anybody has an answer for this, I would
appreciate hearing it.

Thanks All.

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