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Re: IPL from tape.

On Saturday 01 February 2003 15:01, you wrote:
> Citando Gerhard Tonn <GerhardTonn@gammatau.de>:
> Thanks Mr. Gerhard for your attentiion
> I did a tape as recomended in the IBM manual and record the files in that
> order:
> kernel.image  (lrecl 1024
> kernel.param  (lrecl 1024
> kernel.initrd (lrecl 1024
> The kernel.param file has only one parameter, "ro" but we suppose its
> not complete and we include a device parameter for dasd and the root
> parm. The file become the same as used with Suse 7.2 that works, at
> least for IPL.

"ro" is supposed to work. You will be prompted later during the installation 
to specify the dasds you are interested in.

> On IPL, after the system read the kernel.image, the first and unique
> message we receive at mainframe console is
> IPL Error. Disable wait PSW 000a000000000000 .
> I think that the image for tape is corrupted. I didn't find any person
> that have used tapes for IPL. I have to because for the model of 390 I have
> this is the only way to use Linux in standalone machine (withou VM).

We did tests with IPL from tape, but only in LPAR mode. Are you booting the 
native machine?


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