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Re: IPL from tape.

On Saturday 01 February 2003 04:30, Jorge Ventura wrote:
> I'm trying to boot Debian S/390 under an IBM 9672 R22 with Ramac III
> dasds.
> I'm downloaded tape files (initrd, kernel and parm) from Debian site and
> recorded them in a 3490 cartdrige.
> I did the ipl from tape but get in 9672 HMC Hardware Messages the
> following:
> IPL Error. Disable wait PSW 000a000000000000.
> I tested earlier Suse 7.2 to ipl from tape under same machine and it
> works fine and under CMS, successful too.
> But Debian from tape seens to have a problem with the file images...:o(
> Any hint or tip about how to solve this problem?

Thanks for your interest in Debian. Could you provide more information, if 
possible, the entire set of operating system messages written to the console.

I will look into it then.


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