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Re: Getting Hercules working

On Thu, Apr 25, 2002 at 08:54:03PM +0200, Russell Coker wrote:

> Is there any documentation on how to get Hercules going with Debian?
> Last time I tried it I got the kernel to boot but I couldn't work out how
> to get it to load the initrd.

There is a quick-start page around somewhere, which I believe Richard Higson
put together, but I don't have the URL handy.

Given the necessary boot-floppies files in a subdirectory called 'bf', use a
line like this:

000C    3505    bf/kernel.debian bf/parmfile.debian bf/initrd.debian autopad eof

000C is the device number of the 3505 card reader device from which to boot,
so you would use "ipl 000c" to boot the installer.

You of course also want to create at least one emulated DASD to install the
system on, and you will probably want CTCI networking as well.  The DASD
devices are created with dasdinit (and optionally ckd2cckd if you want them
compressed).  Use 3390 for CKD or 3370 for FBA.  There is a bug in the Linux
kernel which can cause problems with CKD under hercules, but I believe the
workaround for it is in Hercules 2.16, so either one should work.  I placed
an example for CTCI in the example hercules.cnf in the hercules package.

I have thought about providing preinstalled Debian/390 DASD images for use
with Hercules; I'll see about building a fresh one and uploading it

 - mdz

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