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Re: porting Mozart to alpha, arm, hppa, mipsel, s390

I just wanted to report that Mozart configures and builds fine on both
mips and mipsel.  Your cpp broke the configuration script in a strange
place by adding a space after every macro expansion which e.g. broke
GMP version checking.  This is fixed in our CVS (release branch is
tagged mozart-1-2-0-fixes).  Thanks to Florian Lohoff for providing me
with accounts.  I didn't really understand your setup (what with the
/chroot business) but I figured out enough.  The machines are
unfortunately extremely slow and often quite loaded and I have not
finished running the test suite.  In particular, testing the
distributed processing stuff is problematic due to the excessive
latency introduced by high load.  I noticed that the machines were
fairly responsive this morning and I'll give it another try tomorrow
morning.  The non-distributed part of the test suite passes just


Dr. Denys Duchier			Denys.Duchier@ps.uni-sb.de
Forschungsbereich Programmiersysteme	(Programming Systems Lab)
Universitaet des Saarlandes, Geb. 45	http://www.ps.uni-sb.de/~duchier
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