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Re: porting Mozart to alpha, arm, hppa, mipsel, s390

[Denys Duchier]
> Marco Kuhlmann suggested I contact these lists directly.  (Marco is
> our Debian contact for distributing Mozart, see http://www.mozart-oz.org/).
> There is a problem report (PR#842: Build fails on alpha, arm, hppa,
> mipsel, s390) logged in our bug tracking system, but it is not going
> to make much progress unless the platform maintainers work directly
> with me.
> So, if you are interested in resolving this issue, let's work
> together.

Part of the problem seem to be that the configure script tests for OS
and architecture, not if the needed features are present or not.  This
of course makes it fail on all new OS/architecture combination, as
well as old combinations when the feature set changes over time.

Do you share my view, and if you do, are you interested in changing

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