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Re: New subscriber, question


On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 08:43:48AM +0100, Eneko Astorkiza San Nicolas wrote:
> We have an  IBM ES/9000 9121  and we want to install linux on it.

The first S/390 model that supports all the instructions used by Linux/390
is the 9672 Series G3. It was available in 3Q 96 for the first time
(have a look at http://www.tech-news.com/publib/ if you want to learn
more about S/390 and zSeries models and at
if you want to learn more about which models are supported by Linux/390).

>From your homepage at http://www.glub.ehu.es/proyectos/S390/fotos.html I
learn that you have a 9121-320 which was available in 3Q 90 for the
first time (according to http://www.tech-news.com/publib/pl9121.htm).

So probably your machine is too old for Linux/390 to run on it :-(



Jochen Röhrig
Debian S/390-Port

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