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Preparing NMU of debootstrap fot s390 boot-floppies


debootstrap needs some changes for the s390 boot-floppies:

- the list of base and required packages should be adjusted, e.g. we are
  using kernel 2.4 and thus iptables is preferred over ipchains and we don't
  need the PPP packages

- s390 is using devfs, so extracting devices.tar.gz is not a good solution
  (and these devices are i386-specific, anyway). I'll add devfs support which
  mounts devfs in $TARGET if it's mounted on the system that calls debootstrap
  and /usr/lib/debootstrap/devices.tar.gz is not present.

Does anybody object to an NMU after further testing the patch on s390?

Stefan Gybas

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