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I' can't Install the Base System


I'm trying to install debian woody (boot-floppies are version 3.0.18) to one LPAR on our s390 machine. This machine is not connected to internet,but only to our intranet, so I created the ftp server with IP adress, from which I'm installing Debian. I succesfully installed Kernel and Driver Modules, but when I want to Install the Base System I get:

debootstrap exited with an error (return value 2)

and /var/log/messages says this:

Jan 23 07:56:28 (none) user.info dbootstrap[386]: running '/usr/sbin/debootstrap --boot-floppies --arch s390 woody /target' Jan 23 07:56:28 (none) user.err dbootstrap[386]: debootstrap exited with an error (return value 2)

I copied files in /debian directory on my ftp server from ftp.us.debian.org/debian. Probbably I forget some important file, but I can't configure which. So I'm asking for lists of files which must be on my ftp server to Install the base system, or that somebody tell,me how to install Debian Linux on s390 LPAR that is not connected to internet (and will never be for security reasons).

Franci Jeric

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