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boot-floppies 3.0.18 available


boot-floppies 3.0.18 for s390 have finally been installed into the Debian
ftp archive. This version is based on kernel 2.4.16 which also supports
ext3 so you can now do an installation with a journaling file system.

You can download this version from any Debian mirror in the directory
dists/woody/main/disks-s390/3.0.18-2002-01-16/. You need to get a
kernel (either from the s390 directory for VM installations or from the
s390-tape directory for LPAR installations), parmfile and root.bin.

The Debian kernel has a special patch from Gerhard Tonn so it can read
a second initial RAM disk. You can put IBM's OCO module on this second
initrd and can install Debian with an OSA-2 (lcs) or OSA-Express
(qdio/qeth) card this way. A script to create such a second initrd image
can be obtained from the boot-floppies CVS or downloaded from
http://people.debian.org/~sgybas/deb390/scripts/mkinitrd2-2416.sh .
Instructions are at the beginning of this file, you need root access
to a Linux system (any architecture) which supports loopback mounts.

You can then use the debian.exec from the boot-floppies download area to
IPL Debian from a VM reader. You need to rename the kernel to
KERNEL.DEBIAN, the parmfile to PARMFILE.DEBIAN and root.bin to
INITRD.DEBIAN when you do an FTP transfer to you VM system. Remeber to
use binary mode for the kernel and initrd and a fixed record length of 80.
If you have any questions or problems just send them to the debian-s390
mailing list.

Please test this version (with and without OCO modules, VM and LPAR) and
post your comments or bug reports. Thanks for your help!

Stefan Gybas

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