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s390 status for woody

below is the status of s390 for woody. If you are interested and have some 
spare time please help testing. Boot-floppy testing is needed, especially 
with an lcs and iucv network interface and package testing is needed.

- boot-floppies porting for s390 is finished. Starting with the next 
boot-floppies version I will only fix reported bugs for the boot-floppies.

- documentation for boot-floppies is ongoing

- creation of CD images for s390 is ongoing (does anybody know what 
architecture specific stuff has to be done for CD image creation?)

- build of packages for testing/unstable is ongoing but currently in good 

- There are 5 release critical bugs open, 2 for config.sub updates and 3 for 
mutex support (libdb2, libdb3 and libedb). The config.sub fixes are needed so 
that the build server works automatically. The mutex support seems to be 
optional (only performance relevant) and I will downgrade the severity, if I 
don't get a reply within the next weeks.


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