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Re: 3.0.15 boot-floppies uploaded for s390

> I have no idea what is going wrong on your system. It seems as if you didn't 
> start from scratch. Here is what I did and the results of debootstrap run. 
> The debootstrap run is what the "Install Base" menu item does.

I DID start from scratch. 

Following is my sequence:

 - Attach a Disk (0200 - for swap)
 - Attach a Disk (0201 - for root device)
 - Initialize and Activate a Swap Partition
 - Initialize a Linux Partition
 - Install Kernel and Driver Modules
 - Configure the Network

And then I also started a second telnet session. The result of debootstrap 
is the same as you. The different thing is the location of debian packages.
I mirrored http://http.us.debian.org/debian, specified our intranet server
as network package server.

Anyway, I'll try some other jobs.

Jae-hwa Park <kingcrab@linuxkorea.co.kr>
Consulting Group at LinuxKorea, Inc.
For more information on me... http://php.sarang.net

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