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Invitation to the 6th Linux Developers Meeting in Oldenburg

	      6th Linux Developers Meeting in Oldenburg

	       Thursday, September 27th to Sunday, 30th

		   University of Oldenburg, Wechloy

This is the public invitation for Linux developers to attend this
years' Linux Developers Meeting in Oldenburg.  The scope of this
meeting is to port Linux to non-intel architectures. It is derived
from the linux/m68k meeting 1995 in Solingen , though, recently there
were a lot of other architectures as well.

Just like the last years, the purpose of this meeting is to get as
much of the Linux/m68k core developers and active users together to
discuss current problems, show off projects, exchange news, and
generally to have fun.

Like last year, the meeting will take place from thursday afternoon
(September 27th) to sunday evening (September 30th).  You don't have
to attend from thursday, it's an offer for those of you who would like
to and who can afford coming early.  If you can't make it that early,
just join when you can afford it.  The meeting will take place at the
same place like last year (that is University of Oldenburg, Wechloy).

For those of you, who don't know Oldenburg yet, it's in the northern
part of Germany.  That means, you'll find lots of green areas (trees,
meadows etc.), good air and less industries.  The meeting will be held
at the science building of the University of Oldenburg, in Oldenburg

If you would like to attend the meeting, please send back this form,
so I can calculate space, power, food and stuff.  Space, power and
connectivity will thankfully be sponsored by the University, food and
stuff will be sponsored by ffis e.V., except dinner in restaurants.
We will be able to use showers inside of the sport building.

You'll need to take with you these things: machines, monitors,
technical documentation (very important), enough triple plugs for your
machines, some network cabling, some hubs/switches, sleeping bag, air
mattress, towel, shower stuff, plate, cutlery, coffee mug.

Comprehensive Information are on the web:



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Linux Developer's Meeting in Oldenburg 2001 - Sept 27th - 30th

Name  :

I'd like to attend on these days:

    [ ] Thursday, September 27th
    [ ] Friday, September 28th
    [ ] Saturday, September 29th
    [ ] Sunday, September 30th

    Dinner will be from 7pm - 9pm or something.  If you plan to arrive
    within this period, make sure you know how to reach me mobile.

Number of machines ...........:
Number of monitors ...........:

Name may be placed on web page: ( ) yes
                                ( ) no

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