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Re: CAIMAN - Debian on S/390

Chu-yeon Park <kokids@linuxkorea.co.kr> writes:

> On Wed, Nov 22, 2000 at 10:52:18PM +0100, Richard Higson wrote:
> > Perhaps Chu-yeon Park <kokids@debian.org> has further information ?
> Yes. I'm sorry that my reply is too late because I was away on bussiness. :<
> Caiman (maybe codename, but release name will be) is available on
> ftp://linux390.linuxkorea.co.kr/caiman
> But, it is an alpha stage and experimental distribution. Actually, it is
> on test. I have built them on Multiprise 3000 and check that it works very
> well. :)
> Unfortunately, since Debian's ftp-master doesn't respond my request mail,
> there is not the creation of binary-s390 tree structure. :<
> Anyway, Debian GNU/Linux for Linux/390 project is in progress and Caiman, too.
> Caiman will have the differences with Debian. (e.g., such as advanced

I have one question about Caiman. Caiman is like Progency, the
commercial version of Debian, or official Debian? 
Anyway it's a interesting thing. I'm going to write a article about
Caiman(I'm a reporter, also joining Debian-Kr, as you see), maybe next
year Jan. The topic will be "Free Software run everywhere"(if
possible ^^;). :) 

> management tools, installer, and VIF web-based manager for S/390-specfic
> features and facilities)
> I wish that you satisfied these tentively.

Chu-yeon, I wish you help me write the article. ^^;

Best Regards,


> Best Regards,
> Chu-yeon
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