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CAIMAN - Debian on S/390

On Friday 17 November, Jae-hwa Park wrote to the Linux-390 list
at marist.edu that there would be a CAIMAN distribution, 
for the S/390 based on Debian.

I have tried to find out more by reading the site mentioned, but
the download page with the <title>Linux/390, I'm so sorry</title>
tells me that I'm not a registered user.

I have emailed Jae-hwa but received no answer to date.
> Jae-hwa Park <kingcrab@linuxkorea.co.kr>
> Dept. of Linux/390 at LinuxKorea, Inc.
> Linux/390 is a "pure" Linux! http://linux390.linuxkorea.co.kr

Perhaps Chu-yeon Park <kokids@debian.org> has further information ?

I would be very interested to know how far you are at the moment.

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