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Re: Ищу голосовую общалку.

On 2016-10-05, Sohin Vyacheslav wrote:

>> В mumble есть возможность подергать ручки (битрейт, размер буфера).
> ну вроде ж mumble позиционируется как для геймеров общалка и интерфейс
> какой-то у неё мрачно-минималистичный...

В FAQ они заверяют что хорошо поработали над оптимизацией трафика и


  With top quality, minimum latency and positional information sent, it is
  144.0 kbit/s including the IP and UDP overhead. With 60 ms transmission
  delay, the lowest quality speech and no positional information, it is 15.8
  kbit/s (again with IP and UDP overhead). The default quality setting uses
  58.8 kbit/s. When comparing with other products, remember to compare the
  total bandwidth use and not just the bitrate of the audio encoding.

  There are two parts to tuning the bandwidth; the audio bitrate per audio
  frame (e.g. 10ms) and the amount of frames to put in each packet. Each
  transmitted packet has an overhead of 28 bytes from IP and UDP alone, so at
  the highest transmission rate (100 packets per second), that is 2800 bytes
  of data for raw network overhead alone. You should try to find a balance
  that works well for you, but we generally recommend sacrificing high audio
  bitrate for lower latency; Mumble sounds quite good even on the lowest
  quality setting. 


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