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Re: setcap на всего юзера

On Wed, Jun 03, 2015 at 10:39:07AM +0300, Bogdan wrote:
> Привет.
> Хочу дать возможность пользователю запускать приложение с биндингом на 80
> порт без использования conntrack (ибо само по себе узкое место нуждающееся
> в тюнинге). При этом запускаемый бинарный файл приложения будет меняться.
> Посоветуйте, что тут можно сделать.

 Network namespaces (CLONE_NEWNET, started in Linux 2.6.24 and
 largely completed by about Linux 2.6.29) provide isolation of the
 system resources associated with networking. Thus, each network
 namespace has its own network devices, IP addresses, IP routing tables,
 /proc/net directory, port numbers, and so on.

 Network namespaces make containers useful from a networking
 perspective: each container can have its own (virtual) network device
 and its own applications that bind to the per-namespace port number
 space; suitable routing rules in the host system can direct network
 packets to the network device associated with a specific container.
 Thus, for example, it is possible to have multiple containerized web
 servers on the same host system, with each server bound to port 80 in
 its (per-container) network namespace. 

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