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Re: Создание deb-пакета со скриптовыми утилитами

Alexey Pechnikov wrote:
make уже здесь обсуждался в обозримом прошлом, с тех пор ничего нового
не появилось. Если имеете что-то добавить, то вам слово...

Оригинальный автор утилиты make:

Цытата из: http://catb.org/esr/writings/taoup/html/ch15s04.html

Make originated with a visit from Steve Johnson (author of
yacc, etc.), storming into my office, cursing the Fates that
had caused him to waste a morning debugging a correct
program (bug had been fixed, file hadn't been compiled, cc
*.o was therefore unaffected). As I had spent a part of the
previous evening coping with the same disaster on a project
I was working on, the idea of a tool to solve it came up. It
began with an elaborate idea of a dependency analyzer,
boiled down to something much simpler, and turned into Make
that weekend. Use of tools that were still wet was part of
the culture. Makefiles were text files, not magically
encoded binaries, because that was the Unix ethos:
printable, debuggable, understandable stuff.

                               -- Stuart Feldman

Програмка была написана за выходные ))

Мануал по оригинатьному make (датирован 1978 годом!!):


Best regards!

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