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Re: FreeNX (было: Разрешение 1920х1200 в консоли.)

Иван Лох <loh@1917.com> writes:

> Да. И потом reconnect в случае обрыва линии он точно умеет. А вот 
> подсоединиться к уже запущенному приложению или десктопу -- сомневаюсь.

А вот там в документе есть как раз следующий пункт. Не знаю, то ли
это. И не знаю, есть ли возможность так делать из FreeNX.

4.5 Desktop sharing and session shadowing

This is one of the most popular features and makes NX suitable for a
full range of different usage scenarios, like remote help-desk activity
and collaborative brainstorming.

NX offers the possibility to connect either to a local desktop (desktop
sharing of the local native display), i.e.the X server running on the NX
Node host machine; or to a NX session, named the master session, running
on the NX Node host machine (session shadowing). These kinds of session,
named 'shadow' in both desktop sharing and session shadowing, can be
requested by setting Desktop -> Shadow in the NX Client GUI-> General
tab. Upon the request of the end user, the server provides to the client
the list of available sessions. The user, via the NX Available sessions
GUI, can then choose which session he/she would like to attach to.

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