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трабла с dosemu

система Debian Sarge 3.1r0
ядро 2.6.12, самосборное
dosemu не запускается ни из под обычного пользователя, ни из под рута
содержимое ~/.dosemu/boot.log следующее:
CONF: config variable parser_version_3 set
CONF: config variable c_system set
CONF: Parsing built-in dosemu.conf file.
CONF: config variable version_3_style_used set
CONF: Parsing built-in global.conf file.
CONF: config variable version_3_style_used unset
CONF: config variable version_3_style_used set
CONF: opened include file /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf
CONF: closed include file /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf
debug flags: -a+cw
CONF: Disabling use of pentium timer
CONF: dosbanner on
CONF: timer freq=18, update=54925
CONF: CPU set to 386
CONF: 8192k bytes XMS memory
CONF: 2048k bytes EMS memory
CONF: EMS-frame = 0xe000
CONF: DPMI-Server on
CONF: dosemu running on _xterm
SER: directory /var/lock namestub LCK.. binary No
MOUSE: (null) type 0 using internaldriver: yes, emulate3buttons: no
baudrate: 0
CONF: Keyboard-layout keyb-user
CONF: Alternate keyboard-layout ru
device: /dev/fd0 type 2 h: 0  s: 0   t: 0 floppy A:
CONF: fastfloppy = 1
CONF: IPX support off
CONF(LPT0) f: (null)   c: lpr  o: -Plp  t: 20  port: 0
CONF(LPT1) f: (null)   c: lpr  o: ''  t: 20  port: 0
CONF: not allowing speaker port access
CONF: Packet Driver disabled.
device: /var/lib/dosemu/freedos type 4 h: -1  s: -1   t: -1 drive C:
CONF: config variable c_system unset
CONF: mostly running as USER: uid=1000 (cached 1000) gid=1000 (cached
DBG_FD already set
DOSEMU- is coming up on Linux version 2.6.12-686
CONF: reserving 640Kb at 0x00000 for 'd' (Base DOS memory (first 640K))
CONF: reserving 64Kb at 0xF0000 for 'r' (Dosemu reserved area)
major = 136 minor = 0
CONF: reserving 128Kb at 0xA0000 for 'v' (Video memory)
SERIAL $Header: /cvsroot/dosemu/dosemu/src/base/serial/ser_init.c,v 2004/02/10 00:36:26 bartoldeman Exp $
Slang:S-Lang Error: Inconsistency in define key.
Slang:S-Lang Error: Inconsistency in define key.
CONF: reserving 64Kb at 0xE0000 for 'E' (EMS page frame)
TIME: using 9154 usec for updating ALRM timer
ERROR: cpu exception in dosemu code outside of VM86()!
trapno: 0x0e  errorcode: 0x00000005  cr2: 0xffffff8e
eip: 0x000069ee  esp: 0xbfe5ffcc  eflags: 0x00010246
cs: 0x0073  ds: 0x007b  es: 0x007b  ss: 0x007b
Page fault: read instruction to linear address: 0xffffff8e
CPU was in user mode
Exception was caused by insufficient privilege
  VFLAGS(b): 010000001001000110
EAX: 00000000  EBX: 000034c0  ECX: 081142c8  EDX: 00000003  VFLAGS(h):
ESI: 00003640  EDI: 00000000  EBP: 00000080
CS: 0073  DS: 007b  ES: 007b  FS: 0000  GS: 0033
OOPS : 46 fc 7c 63 26 8a 07 98 89 c7 -> 8b 44 42 8b 54 44 e8 34 f1 89 
leavedos(4|0x4) called - shutting down
ERROR: leavedos() called from within a signal context!
WBR, Abba
ICQ UIN: 241758589
JID: abba@jabber.kiev.ua

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