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Re: translating .po templates for installer

Здравствуйте, Serge.

Вы писали 14 февраля 2003 г., 3:56:30:

SW> I am now working on translating the
SW> xfree86-4.2.1-5_ru.po file for the new Debian
SW> installer. 
SW> Earlier I wrote to this list asking for help with
SW> coordinating the translation efforts for the Debian
SW> installer, but I did not see any responses from the
SW> coordinators, instead I saw a general advice to take a
SW> .po file which is untranslated and submit its
SW> translation as a bug report. I am letting people know
SW> that I have been working on the  xfree86 file , to
SW> avoid possible duplicate effort.

  There are some translations of:
  - debian package descriptions;
  - debconf templates;
  - debian-installer templates;
  - tasksel descriptions
  at http://ddtp.debian.org/ .

  You already looked it?

С уважением,
 ilgiz                          mailto:ilgiz@ufamts.ru

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