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Re: fetchmail+sendmail


Tuesday, February 11, 2003, 18:08:13, Igor B. <amzuk@narod.ru> wrote:

IB> не хочет доставать почту с сервера...
IB> SMTP error... код ошибки 10
IB> что это,
IB> и как простому юзеру доставать почту?
IB> а то только з под рута выходит (и то иногда)

Файл: .fetchmailrc
# Configuration created Mon Dec 24 16:42:05 2001 by fetchmailconf
# Configuration modified by Oles' Stovbenko aka OS11-UANIC

set logfile "/var/log/fetchmail/fetchmail.log"
set idfile "/var/log/fetchmail/fetchids.log"
set syslog
set bouncemail

poll mail.bank.gov.ua via inet.bank.gov.ua aka bank.gov.ua
with protocol POP3
with localdomains if.bank.gov.ua

has no dns
has uidl

user "if" there with password "tratata" is:

options: fetchall,forcecr,pass8bits,expunge 1

poll mail1.if.bank.gov.ua via ntinet.if.bank.gov.ua
with protocol IMAP
with localdomains uhho.bank.gov.ua

has no envelope
has no dns

user "sly" there with password "tratata" is:

options: fetchall,forcecr,pass8bits,expunge 1,no idle


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